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Rether Networks Inc. is an innovative system solutions research and development company. Click through for our current product offerings, or click below to learn more about us.

Internet Service Management Device (ISMD)

ISMD is a high-performance, functionally comprehensive, and easy-to-manage network device that effectively manages the communications, computation, and storage resources on an Internet access point with wired (such as xDSL, Cable and Leased lines) and/or wireless (such as wireless LAN and cellular radio links) connections to end users.

Display-Only File System (DOFS)

DOFS is the first secure file server that addresses the information theft problem by decoupling "display access" from other types of file access and guaranteeing that even authorized insiders cannot have access to the bits of confidential files. Moreover, DOFS is able to thwart most information theft attacks without being disruptive to the end users or requiring significant changes to the existing IT infrastructure.

Data Paladin (DP)

Data Paladin by Rether Networks is the only solution on the market to protect your confidential data and intellectual property from internal theft whether accidental or malicious. All protected data are placed on a secure file server. Only authorized users will be able to access, read or modify the confidential files.

Lectern II - Lecture Recording Software

Lectern is the first electronic lecture recording system that provides extensive on-line navigational support for classroom instruction or business presentation with minimal intrusion. It captures the digital pen and voice inputs in real time, and synchronizes them with the pre-prepared slides. With just one click, the entire lecture recording is converted into a Web-ready format and available for download and/or streaming access.