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2011 Data Breach Investigations Report

A study conducted by Verizon RISK Team, the United States Secret Service and the Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU). Through this cooperative effort, the report examines about 800 new data compromise incidents since our last report released in 2010. Click here for the report.


2011 Data Breach & Loss Incident Readiness Planning Guide by Online Trust Alliance

Online Trust Alliance published comprehensive guide  to help business protect online trust and confidence. It outlines key questions and recommendations to help businesses in breach prevention and incident management. Click here for the complete report.


2010 Data Breach Report From Verizon Business and U.S. Secret Service

The 2010 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, based on a first-of-its kind collaboration with the U.S. Secret Service, has found that breaches of electronic records last year involved more insider threats, greater use of social engineering and the continued strong involvement of organized criminal groups. for  the complete report. Click here for the complete report.

Chronology of Data Breaches Security Breaches since 2005

A database of Security Breaches maintained by Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.  The list is a useful indication of the types of breaches that occur, the categories of entities that experience breaches, and the size of such breaches. The list only contains data breaches incidents made public. Click here to access the list.

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