Preventing Internal Data Leaks

Imagine your corporate financial and customer information posted to the web.  How would you explain that to your customers?  There are many documented incidents from the FBI to the US Secret Service illustrating employees accidentally removing, or deliberately stealing intellectual property or confidential information from their employers.  There are also many different statistics stating the amount of data loss suffered by companies, governments and other organizations. According to DATALOSSdb open security foundation statistics, over 30% of security incidents are due to inside accidental or malicious acts.  Another report from Verizon Risk Team, 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report, shows about 17% of data breaches implicated insider involvement.  Regardless of the stories and numbers available in the media, your organization is still vulnerable to potential internal data leaks. You need to consider your options to prevent these types of mishaps or deliberate malicious acts.


Rether Networks has Display Only File Server (DOFS) and Data Paladin (DP) to help your organization’s need to protect confidential information.  Our solutions can help stop secure data from being printed, removed via USB portable devices, screen captured or emailed outside your organization. In addition, both products come with file audit reporting capabilities allowing you to track what is happening with those secure files. DOFS is used in a centralized computing environment while DP supports the distributed computer environment.  Learn whether Display Only File Server or Data Paladin is right for you.



DOFS_Blue DP_Blue
           Display Only File Server (DOFS)                           Data Paladin (DP)             

Centralized systems environment

Decentralized systems environment

Low to medium resource application usage

   Resource capacity based on local machine   

Uses applications from the server

Uses applications on local machines

Uses Windows Explorer to access files

Uses a web-based interface to access files

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