Data Paladin (DP)


Data Paladin by Rether Networks is the only solution on the market to protect your confidential data and intellectual property from internal theft whether accidental or malicious.  It is best used in a distributed computing environment allowing each user to run the applications locally yet providing the best data security for confidential data. Unlike the Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tool, DP can be used to protect any file type and DP does not rely on content-aware scanning. It is easy to deploy and no learning curve for the end-users.  All protected data are placed on a secure file server. Only authorized users will be able to access, read or modify the confidential files.  If there is a need to print, copy or email the sensitive file, the user would have to print, copy or email directly from the secure file server.  A system log is generated to track these events. No matter which platform your company uses to access sensitive or confidential information, you must ensure your company data is accessible only to authorized personnel and prevent unauthorized removal of data and content. 

By placing your sensitive data on Data Paladin server, authorized users can read or modify the files stored on Data Paladin server via web browser.  Data Paladin restricts users from unauthorized:

  • Copying or saving to local machine
  • Copying or saving to other mobile devices
  • Printing
  • Emailing
  • Screen Printing

When printing, copying or emailing is absolutely necessary, the user would have to print, copy or email directly from the secure file server.  A system log is generated to track these events. 


  • Easy to Deploy: allows IT managers to quickly and easily implement organization-wide security by giving access permission via folders or groups rather than by individual files.  No key words or content-aware policy configurations are required.
  • Data Security: locks up confidential data by accessing all secure data from a secure file server. Files cannot be stored locally and restricted unauthorized copying and printing of sensitive files.
  • Application Agnostic: Data Paladin will be able to protect any file type without additional software or plugin.
  • Cost Effective: only single software is needed to protect organization from insider threats in a client-server environment.  No costly application versions are necessary.


Prevent confidential data loss by implementing Data Paladin in your company environment.  Learn more about Data Paladin.

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